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Get inspired by our Easter eggs glass handmade decorations!

Easter 2017

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Each year, we carefully create new collections of glass Christmas ornaments. Our designers find inspiration everywhere, including world renowned exhibitions.  The new trends are then incorporated with insight from our customers -- and unique ornaments are born.


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The GLASSOR glassware continues the tradition of producing hand-blown glass and hand-painted Christmas ornaments. Each form is blown and painted individually with a care which gives its unique appearance to an ornament. Our experienced painters are inspired from traditional patterns as well as modern trends. Each decoration pattern is unique and original which is afterwards developed in different forms and hence compose a larger collection.

First, the glass rods is heated directly by the flame. The warmed glass are then blown using a special form in the case of figures, or "mouth" for the balls, drops, bells and others. Blowing well the glass ornament is not easy and requires a long learning process that can take several months. Our mistresses are able of blowing a hundred balls a day.

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Certainly you remember how magic Christmas has been, when you were little. Considerable merit of this should been a tree, which was glittered by wonderful glass flasks. Glass Christmas decorations cannot even compares with plastic decoration. Recently, however, more and more people return to the tradition of beautiful glass decorations and so is the glass Christmas decorations increasingly popular issues.

Traditional glass Christmas decorations or modern design Christmas decorations - all you can find on e-shop Glassor.cz. You have decided to decorate a tree in a classic style? Then choose the traditional Christmas glass decorations.

Or do you prefer the modern design? For you we have a glass Christmas decorations in shades of modern and unconventional solutions. Glass Christmas decorations can be a nice gift for your loved ones or souvenir. We manufacture glass Christmas decorations for many years and even export abroad. Czech glass products are very popular in the world and wanted for its remarkable design and high quality workmanship.


New delivery country – Russia! Regularly we deliver to Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Latvia, Luxemburg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and United Kingdom.

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Set of six Easter eggs Set of six Easter eggs 20,83 €Price with VAT
Jeweled pearl oval Jeweled pearl oval 6,46 €Price with VAT
Red adorned oval Red adorned oval 6,46 €Price with VAT
Gold Easter Egg Gold Easter Egg 6,17 €Price with VAT
Purple oval with gold daisies Purple oval with gold daisies 6,26 €Price with VAT
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Who we are

The beautiful traditional and authentic Christmas ornaments are crossing time and will always make you dream whatever your age is.
Who does not have childhood memories of magic Christmas tree decorated with coloured balls, bright suspensions and fairy figurines?
Glassor is the manufacturer and specialist in Christmas tree decorations such as famous Bohemian balls, but also tree-toppers, bells and many other typical figures. All Glassor ornaments are made of glass and are blown by mounth and handpainted.
You will find many glass decorations in all colors and all shapes for your Christmas tree. They will bring to your living room the spirit of traditional and warm Christmas you were looking for. However, if you prefer to opt for a more modern touch, Glassor offer also the collection of contemporary design.

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