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Bonus club

Each purchase in the value over 4.88 € made in our internet store entitles you to bonus points. You may then convert the bonus points for sale for your next order.


Bonus club rules:

  • For each 4.88 € (cost of merchandise without VAT; costs for delivery and bank fees are not included) of the value of your purchase, you gain 1 point.
  • Points for complete order over 4.88 € will be credited to your bonus account as soon as the order is Done (i.e. it is accepted and paid by you).
  • In case your order is cancelled, the corresponding number of points will be deducted from your bonus account.
  • When you collect the minimum discount of 2.44 €, in the next order from our internet store, you may, together with you purchase convert your bonus points to discount. The minimum value of this order has to be  24.42 €. 
  • Your bonus points can be converted to a discount in the ration of 1 point -> 0.05 € of discount, minimum discount is 2.44 €.
  • Discount may be used in the internet store GLASSOR s.r.o. when buying for more than 24.42 €.

Valid from 01.01.2018.
The Operator (company GLASSOR s.r.o.) reserves the right to change these rules.


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